NOTICE to HORSE exhibitors – Equine Flu (June 19th 2019)
It is with regret that Llanddarog & District Show Committee have decided to cancel all equine classes with exception to British Show Jumping Classes.
In light of the most recent confirmed cases of equine influenza in the locality, Llanddarog & District Show Committee has taken further advice from veterinary practices, trusted organisations/societies and legal professionals . With due consideration to many factors, this decision has been made using the latest official information and is considered to be a responsible one in the interest of animal welfare, our exhibitors and the reputation of the show society. We apologise for any inconvience and disappointment that this may cause, and trust that the decision will be respected in light of very unfortunate and challenging circumstances.
Please note that due to the BSJA rules that mandate associated vaccinations, that all show jumping classes will go ahead as planned.
Due to our standard practice of accepting entries on the day, we do not hold a list of exhibitors who had planned on attending the show this year. For this reason, we would appreciate if you could share this notice within the equine community in order to reduce the likelihood of exhibitors making unecessary preparation and journey.



NOTICE to HORSE exhibitors – Equine Flu (June 17th 2019)

Further to the note from June 12th, we can confirm that the full equine section goes ahead as published in the show schedule.
The show society has decided not to make associated vaccinations compulsory and will therefore not be adopting a process of inspecting passports.
As communicated previously, the show will however be adopting certain precautionary measures on show day to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus.
In addition, we do recommend that competitors adopt the recommendations of the Animal Health Trust, some of which I reference below.
  • If you have any concerns about your horse's health (fever, cough, lethargy etc.) do not go to the competition
  • Do not let your horse graze at the competition, an infectious horse may have grazed in that field too!
  • Do not share water or feed buckets or use communal water troughs. Its preferable for competitors to bring their own water
  • Do not share tack, such as bits and bridles
  • Don’t let your horse make contact with other horses. As a result the show has increased the width of the horse lanes
  • Ensure if you’re stabling away, that the stable has been cleaned and disinfected - including feed mangers and water drinkers before you use it
  • Isolate your horse when returning to your home premises. Carefully monitor incl. taking its rectal temperature twice daily. Any concerns call your vet
As a further risk mitigation, the show will have a vet on site to monitor and observe the horses and ponies as they are unloaded and during the morning competitions to identify any potential related concern. He/she will also be there to advise and support competitors as required.
We look forward to welcoming you to our show.



NOTICE to HORSE exhibitors – Equine Flu (June 12th 2019)


With due consideration to all advice received, we can confirm that all horse section classes will go ahead as per the show schedule. There will be certain precautionary measures in place as far as is reasonably practicable on show day.

We would encourage you as exhibitors to ensure that your horses are fit and well prior to departure to the showground. If you have concerns you should check with your veterinary practice.




Mae'r wefan yma wedi cael ei ddiweddaru ar Fai 13eg 2019 gyda gwybodaeth sioe eleni.  This website has been updated on May 13th 2019 with the latest information for this year's show.

If you would like to bring a tradestand, please fill in the application forms and send to Angela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our show performs a significant role in local rural life in Carmarthenshire and we are proud to support and serve local farmers, traders and the community in general. We are located on the edge of the village allowing us to benefit from close proximity to local agricultural activity whilst enjoying close community feel and atmosphere of a local village show.

 If you like to join in, Dad can enter a cow or two, the children could enter a calf or lamb, show a pony or your four legged friend into the Dog Show, Mum could bake a cake, enter a jam or chutney.

There is plenty for the children to do with a fairground and various activities throughout the field. It’s a great day out for all the family so, be sure to fill the car up and come along to join us for the fun. Please feel free to download or view the schedule and review the large selection of varied classes.

The Committee would like to thank all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors who’s continued support and assistance we could not do without.


An extremely successful Grand National charity fund raiser event was held on April 6th. A significant sum of money was raised with this year being the 10th consecutive year for the show to host it. Thanks to all who supported.