1.00 p.m. (Entries taken from 12 p.m.)

(Prize money of £25 kindly sponsored by
Mr & Mrs Huw Voyle Williams, Cysgod y Llan, Llanddarog)

Dogs which have won any of the following awards are not eligible at
Companion Dog Shows:

1   Challenge  Certificate  (or  any  award  that  counts  towards  the  title  of     
     champion under the rules of the governing body recognised by the Kennel   
     Club) (Pedigree classes only).

2   Reserve Challenge Certificate (Pedigree classes only).
3   Junior Warrant (Pedigree classes only).
4   Obedience Certificate (Obedience classes only).

Only dogs of 6 calendar months of age and over on the day of the show are
eligible for entry.

Exhibitors and officials at Companion Dog Shows shall be subject to Kennel Club Rule A42


Entry Fee – £2.00

1   Any Variety, Puppy (6-12 Months)
2   Any Variety, Junior (12-18 Months)
3   Any Variety, Sporting
4   Any Variety, Non-Sporting
5   Any Variety, Open

Best in Show – £20, Reserve – £10 and Best Puppy in Show – £10

will be judged after Class 5

Any first prize pedigree winners are not eligible to enter novelty classes

Entry Fee – £1.00

  6   Best conditioned Puppy, 6 months old
  7   Any variety Hunt Gundog, Open
  8   Best fancy dress dog or bitch
  9   Any variety long tail dog or bitch
10   Best 6 legs
11   Any variety handled by a child under 15 years of age
12   Any variety confined to the Parish of Llanddarog
13   Dog or bitch with waggiest tail
14   Any variety Cross bred dog or bitch
15   Any variety the Judge would like to take home
16   Any variety under 12 inches
17   Any variety over 12 inches
18   Dog or bitch with prettiest eyes
19   Pair of dogs/bitches, pedigree or non-pedigree
owned by one owner

Docking Ban Brings Regulation Changes

At a recent meeting, the KC’s General Committee agreed amendments relating to the statements which must now be put on the front of show schedules.

•                For shows held in Wales where the public are admitted on payment of a fee the following statement should be put on the front outside cover or title page:

‘A dog docked on or after March 28, 2008 may not be entered for exhibition at this show’.

•                For shows held in England and Wales that do not charge the public for admittance, and for all shows held in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the following statement to be included on the front outside cover or title page:

‘Only undocked dogs and legally-docked dogs may be entered for exhibition at this show’.
Club Rule A42.